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Menthol Crystals

U.S.P. grade (Current version) Kosher 

Origin  |  India 

(Mentha arvensis)  

cas no. 2216-51-5

Our Menthol crystals have a minimum 99.5% L- menthol content. They are 100% pure and natural.The essential oil from Cornmint (Mentha arvensis) is used to form these Menthol Crystals. 


How Menthol Crystals are formed

Natural Menthol Crystals are produced through a labor intensive process dating back hundreds of years. This tradition employs mint farmers, distillers and manufacturers from Northern India and other mint growing regions.  

It starts with Mentha Oil

Mentha Oil is made from mint plants specifically Corn mint (Mentha arvensis) and Peppermint (Mentha piperita). The leaves and whole plants of mint crops are steam distilled to form the oil. Mentha Oil distilled from Corn mint, contains higher concentrations of the active component, L- Menthol.

The Mentha Oil is carefully filtered to remove water and naturally occurring impurities. It is then cooled incrementally over a period of time. After cooling, the crystalline portion is isolated from the remaining dementholised oil (DMO). The crystals are spread out in a room designed to slowly dry them with a stream of temperature controlled air. 

Best Manufacturing Practices

Top manufacturers take great care in filtering and cooling Mentha oil. They systematically isolate and dry the crystals into a finished product. The manufacturers we buy from are certified to employ Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for each of these steps.Their expertise consistently produces large and medium sized translucent crystals that have a colorless appearance. This type of Menthol is USP grade, valued for its high L-Menthol content and absence of impurities. Any claims in purity have been verified by gas chromatography and other analytical methods.

Uses of Menthol 


Menthol is the backbone of Peppermint flavored products as well as Menthol products. Menthol crystals give products such as toothpaste and mouthwash a characteristic mint flavor profile. 

Menthol Fights Pain 

Research has shown that tissues of the oral mucosa, skin and muscles experience a numbing, analgesic effect when exposed to Menthol. Healing salves, Oral Sprays and Therapeutic recipes aimed at pain relief regularly contain L- Menthol.

A Denaturant of Alcohol: Cosmetics

Menthol is not readily soluble in water, though it melts in warm water. Menthol Crystals completely dissolve in pure alcohol. Federal Formula 38 B calls for 10 lbs of Menthol Crystals, USP to every 100 gallons of pure alcohol. Products containing this formula include hand lotions, body gels and facial creams. Other products containing menthol denatured alcohol are shampoos and perfumes. 


Store in a cool area, away from windows, as the crystals easily melt in warm conditions.


Solid Compatible Containers are used to preserve the Menthol. All sizes are shipped in boxes, as they further insulate the crystals from shipping conditions; especially temperature, and handling while in transit.  Using the proper packaging, we do our best to preserve the product. 

We guarantee satisfaction with every purchase. Our staff is ready to help with any questions or concerns.Please refer to SDS before handling. 

 SDS-Safety Data Sheet