Spearmint Oil

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    Spearmint Oil

    The spearmint essential oils is obtained from the leaves and flowering tips of the Spearmint plant. Our 100% pure and undiluted spearmint oil has no chemicals and additives. The oil is used in various haircare, skincare and fragrance products.

    Method of Extraction

    We obtain our pure spearmint oil using the steam distillation method. In the process the steam is passed through the leaves, causing the oil to vaporize and the resulting mixture of steam and oil is then cooled, separating the oil from water.

    Color & Appearance:

    The oil that is produced through this process is a clear to pale-yellow liquid with a sweet, minty aroma.

    Uses of Spearmint Oil


    Experience the calming and soothing effects of pure Spearmint essential oil with a gentle massage on your scalp. This natural treatment will help reduce scalp irritation, minimize dandruff, and improve the overall health and vitality of your hair and scalp.

    Cosmetic Soaps

    Organic Spearmint Essential Oil can help purify your skin by cleansing away dirt, oil, and other impurities. It also helps to firm and tone your skin, making it look and feel healthier than ever before.


    The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of Spearmint essential oil make it beneficial for treating acne. Additionally, the potent antioxidants of spearmint oil help reduce wrinkles and fine lines on the face. Moreover, it evens out skin tone.

    Fragrance Products

    Spearmint essential oil offers an uplifting scent that can be used to create DIY perfumes, body washes, deodorants, colognes, and more. Candles can also be scented with this oil.

    Shop for exceptional quality 100% pure Spearmint oil from Mass Corporation and stay assured of purity and safety. You can even place bulk orders of spearmint essential oil for commercial purposes.

    Mentha Spicata

    • Country of Origin India 
    • 100% Pure 
    • 83% grade
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